When you enroll in act’s new subscription model Act Premium Cloud service you get the best of both act worlds.  The Cloud and on act your Desktop (just like you are used to using)!

I have received a number of phone calls from long time act users that are confused by the way the sales staff at Swiftpage Act are explaining act’s new premium cloud subscription service. It seems as if act is pushing people to the new web-based cloud service. What I’m finding is that dedicated act users find the web-based version of the software just different enough to question whether or not they want to subscribe to act. They are left feeling like it might be time to look for another piece of software.


That is a shame, let me explain why.

Let me be clear, when you subscribe to act premium cloud you also have access to the traditional act for desktop software. My experience has been that they don’t do a good job of making this point clear. You do not have to compare apples and oranges. If you like chocolate, you don’t have to settle for vanilla. If you like the desktop version of act better, no problem. People are coming away from the conversation thinking their only option is the act premium cloud web-based version of act. Trust me, it is not.

Let me explain how Act Premium Cloud works.

You will take your existing act data and you will upload it to the cloud. This will give you the ability to access all of your act data on any device that has Internet access. If you would like to have act on your desktop, you can download and install the act desktop version as well. Next, you can create a remote database for the desktop version of act. The remote database is simply a database that can be synchronized with the web version of act.

Let me create a few scenarios to explain this concept.

You have your act database in the cloud and on your desktop. You can then schedule act on your desktop to synchronize automatically once a day with act in the cloud. All the changes you make working in your office today will synchronize to the cloud version of act daily. If you don’t leave your office for 30 days, or 60 or 90 days for that matter, no problem.

Next, you go on vacation and the only computer you have access to is someone else’s and you need to access your act data. No problem. Simply open a web browser and navigate to the web-based version of act that has been set up for you. Work like you were sitting in your office. When you get back to your office and synchronize your desktop version of act everything will be in perfect order. In other words, regardless of where you work, on the web or on the desktop, everything is just as you need it.
It really is just that simple. So don’t be confused. If you are confused or have questions give me a call.

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