I want to meet the man or woman that makes up these error message codes and buy them a cocktail. They make life interesting.

As an Act software user you will occasionally come across an error message that is thrown by something that you did with the software. For example, you might have blinked when you were looking at the screen. Act can be very sensitive at times. But again, who makes up these error messages?  They really need to get a life. Okay, let’s try to solve this issue.

The Act knowledgebase is the definitive resource for these kind of error messages. This particular error message can be cause for number of reasons dependent on what you were doing with Act at the time.  This particular knowledgebase article is answer ID 24350 and can be found here: http://kb.act.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/24350/kw/object%20reference.

Here is some more information about the error message with links that can be used to take you to more information about this error message.


This error message is a common and generic run-time exception message for applications which use the Microsoft .NET Framework, such as Act!. The cause of the error is dependent upon what function you are attempting to use when the error message appears.  This error has been known to occur when:



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