I still remember cold calling on businesses in industrial parks. Knocking on doors on cold and rainy days. Part of me misses that time in my life. I hated telemarketing; I’d rather be knocking on doors. Today, we have email marketing and it makes us lazy.

Act is a great place to keep all of your prospects. There are variety of ways you can send emails to all of them in one fell swoop. It is almost too easy in my opinion. It makes us lazy without a doubt. Most of us that are in business have been salespeople at some point in your lives. You might not think of yourself as a salesperson, but you are.

Before you send your next email, ask yourself if you’re willing to sell a little bit harder.

An old sales manager of mine used to say that if “you throw enough of it up against the wall some of it will stick”. In my opinion, that is what email marketing is doing: hitting the wall. But is it sticky enough? I urge you to re-examine how you send email. If I could show you ways to send email quickly and efficiently, would you be willing to look at a single contact and then send them an email? What if it only took you 30 seconds or less. That is 120 prospects an hour.  During that time, I can teach you how to research your contact to look for information that might help you sell to that contact. Next, I’m going to show you simple techniques for responding when someone opens your email.

The question you should be asking yourself is how will you know that they opened your email.

If you make a decision to send your prospects one email a year, divide the number of prospects you have by 52 weeks and you will determine how many prospects you have to send an email to this week. I use a tool called Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows me to easily dictate an email. I also use an email tool for Microsoft Outlook that saves templates that I can use over and over. I review my prospects and send them an email that I think is pertinent to their situation. I’m selling. I’m working my database. I’m practicing what I preach.  If this sounds complicated to you, reach out to me and I’ll show you how to do it. Let me make it easy for you to sell again. I believe it is worth your time and energy.

It beats knocking on doors.

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