Act’s Last Email Field is one of the most important fields in your act database.

Let’s face it, sending email to a number of contacts in ACT is easy and can be very productive. But it is important to make sure you know the last time you sent an email to a contact in ACT. It doesn’t matter whether or not you sent the email directly from ACT or from Microsoft Outlook.

When I talk to new clients about act, I always tell them that act will tell you a story if you let it. After you have been using act for a period of time you can look back on what has taken place with your contacts. A story unfolds.  Because sending email is such a relevant part of our day-to-day business as it pertains to working with contacts, it is vital that you understand the relevance of the last email field in act. To oversimplify, this will tell you the last time you sent an email to a contact.

In this tutorial I will show you why the last email field is so relevant and in my opinion so important.

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